Two Charged with Abuse of Disabled Adult

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BAY COUNTY-- Panama City Police and State authorities are investigating a possible case of neglect involving at least 1 disabled person, maybe more.

Officers arrested two people early Monday morning, after finding their home in deplorable condition.

Investigators believe one of the adults forced his disabled son to confront a neighbor, and that's how they got involved.

Sixty-three year old James Beck and his girlfriend Patsy Dye were booked into the Bay County Jail on a number of charges, including 11 counts of neglect of a disabled adult.

When officers showed up at the home on Oak Avenue, they say conditions inside were unlivable.

It did not have running water and was so bad that authorities say it was even unfit for animals and removed several pets.

Once they began questioning the people in the home, Dye allegedly admitted that over the last year she and Beck routinely left her disabled daughters alone, to be supervised by her and Beck's autistic son.

According to officials, Dye made the children "disappear" so she and Beck could have alone time.

Police say they'd be left unattended in vehicles for hours at a time.

They also believe the autistic son sexually molested the daughters.

Dye claims she was being controlled by Beck.

The adult children are in state custody.