Man Rearrested for Attacking Wife

A Bay County man, who was released from jail Thursday afternoon, is back behind bars Thursday night.

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies arrested 39 year old Randall Ralph Holley 4:30 in the afternoon after he allegedly assaulted his wife again.

Back on March 5th, Holley allegedly got into fight with his wife. Authorities say her boyfriend shot Holley in the backside with a 12-gauge shotgun. He left the scene, setting-off a 24 hour manhunt.

Members of the US Marshal's Fugitive Task Force picked-up Holley around noon on March 6th, at his property off Vinson Road in the Steelfield community.

He went from the Bay County jail to the Escambia County jail where he was wanted on an outstanding warrant. He then to Washington County where he faced a number of charges.

Holley's wife picked him up when he bailed out of jail. During the drive she says they got into an argument. She let him off at a home in Springfield.

But deputies say Holley followed her, jumped into the bed of her pick up in Southport, then broke the rear window with an old water pump. The glass cut his wife's head. She drove to a nearby parking lot where several witnesses intervened.

Holley left but deputies caught up with him on Martin Luther King Boulevard. He's charged with aggravated assault domestic violence.