Slain Cop Honored

Monday marked the one year anniversary of the shooting death of Panama City Beach police Sgt. Kevin Kight.

The day was marked with a memorial plaque unveiling at the spot where he was shot and killed on From Beach Road at Edgewater.

Friends and family gathered at the site, said a prayer and unveiled a plaque honoring Sergeant Kight.

His wife Christina and his son Brandon, along with the rest of his family, was on hand as he received the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Sergeant Kight was killed during what appeared to be a routine traffic stop as he went to his car to run a computer check on the driver, but when he came back, the driver, Robert Bailey, who was visiting from Wisconsin, allegedly pulled a gun and shot him.

But Major David Humphreys, the department’s deputy chief, said today was a day to remember the good things about this husband, father and police officer.

“He was a wonderful man, wonderful father, and as you talk to some of the other officers you're going to hear over and over, what a practical joker he was, what a good family person he was, and it's just officer after officer after officer, just the kind of man Kevin was, but he was a fine officer, he was a hell of a cop, a good family man and he's certainly sorely missed here."

Robert Bailey, the man charged with murdering the officer, sits in the Bay County Jail awaiting trial.