Kevin Kight’s Widow Speaks Out

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"He was a wonderful, caring, loving dad, person people could rely upon, dependable, he was the life of the party."

When murder suspect Robert Bailey pulled the trigger, shooting Kevin Kight, he didn't just take the life of a Panama City Beach police officer. He took the life of a husband and a father.

Kight left behind a wife and five-year-old son.

"It's been overwhelming, the generosity and outpouring of sympathy, it's been overwhelming since this all happened."

Christina and Kevin were high school sweethearts.

"We met in 1987 in high school. He was a football player, I was the mascot for the football team; we were best friends."

The couple married in 1994. Christina says their son Brandon was Kevin's pride and joy.

"Anytime he had time off somehow Brandon was involved. We rarely had babysitters Brandon would go wherever we went. They had their guy things."

"They had a ritual, whenever I was cooking dinner or doing the dishes, they would sneak popsicles and sit on the driveway and just talk."

Although they will never replace his father, Brandon has many father figures in his life. Kight's fellow officers have stepped in to do what they can to help Brandon.

It's very obvious on Saturdays, when Brandon takes the field for his t-ball games. Kevin used to coach the team.

Christina ran her fingers over a memory bracelet engraved with Kevin's picture and end-of-watch date. His service here may be over, but Christina says his memory is still very much alive.

Each May dozens of local police officers take a two-day bike trip to Tallahassee to the law enforcement memorial.

This year Christina and Brandon plan to attend the ceremony to honor the law enforcement officers who've died in the line of duty.