Callaway Fire Blazes On

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At about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, authorities responded to the call of a Callaway fire. It took all afternoon, but right now the fire is about 80percent contained.

No one is injured, but nearby residents are taking precautions to prevent the blaze from getting close to their homes. About 25 acres of land right off Highway 22 are covered in smoke.

Firefighters and local resource officers are on the scene, putting out the blazes. Authorities say two juvenile males were involved in starting the fire. One admitted to starting the fire, but there are no details on whether it was intentional or accidental.

Most of the fire has been put out, but there are some parts still ablaze near the interior of the fire. Most residents living in the area turned on their sprinklers in order to prevent the fire from coming into their yards.

Karen Peters, a neighbor, says, "It's very much scary, something we've worked so hard for and all of our belongings are in there, our life's in there, so it's very scary to think you can lose it that fast."

Only one family living nearby was told to evacuate. They are now allowed back in their home. Investigators are still questioning the teenagers involved with starting the fire.

If at fault, authorities say they will most likely face suppression charges. It costs hundreds of dollars per minute for all the first responders to stay on the scene.

Resource officers will be on location all night, cleaning up the destruction caused by the fire.