Beach Tram

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The future of the way you get around Panama City Beach is in the process of being transformed.

Property owners from the North and South Thomas Drive area came out to an open house at Panama City Beach City Hall. A consulting firm exposed them new tram system.

The project will provide tram service from Pier Park to Thomas Drive. Visitors to Panama City Beach will be able to leave their cars in a parking garage and use the tram to get around the city.

The new road system will also provide bike lanes and sidewalks, but before you see these vehicles rolling up and down the beach, developers will need to four-lane much of the north and south connector roads between Front Beach and Back Beach Roads.

Ben Faust, an engineer, says, "We are expecting to go to construction with our first project, which would be the Beckrich Road connector project and soon after the Churchwell Road connector project sometime this year."

The actual roadway projects on Front Beach Road, North Thomas, and South Thomas Drives will began in the coming years as the funds become available.