South Walton Parking Lot Survey

WALTON COUNTY-- Walton County residents, business owners and county officials heard the results tonight of a parking survey for the south end of the county.

Walton County officials hired AVCON engineers and planners to do the survey a few months ago.

The main issue is parking around 30A.

AVCON found a huge signage issue regarding where people can and can't park.

The assessment identified a number of parking spots that could be added in a majority of South Walton's 16 beach communities that would be safe for both drivers and pedestrians.

AVCON is also recommending the most heavily populated areas need to make some improvements in the next one to five years.

"We wanted to present our findings for which public parking was available, as well as what areas could work for parking. And then we did get a lot of great comments from the public that we are going to take into consideration," AVCON Development Manager Tonia Nation said.

The next step is for the group and county members to discuss the assessment results, and hear public comments.