Ways to Curtail High Gas Prices

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Making pit stops to fuel your engine as well as your car's engine is costing more money as each day passes. Some locals are taking action by changing to more fuel efficient vehicles.

Jeffrey Szpak, a Bay County resident, says, "To save gas, because I think they're jacking the prices up for spring break, and it's just hard with gas prices, so this is a lot easier."

Spring breakers are spending plenty of their party money on petroleum.

Gas prices have gone up about 10 cents in the past two weeks, 30 cents in the last month. That has drivers shopping around for bargains.

Many people check out Web sites to find out the cheapest prices. According to one Web site, the Circle K on Front Beach Road had the cheapest gas prices around town, but the $2.62 is hardly the cheapest.

The secret is to not wait until the last minute to fill up your tank. Give yourself some flexibility to scope out different stations.

The Internet can also give you an estimate of the cheapest and most expensive stations in your area.

Sites like MSN Auto, Ucan's Gas Tracking, Gaspricewatch, and Gas Buddy all track the prices of stations daily, but sometimes they're not exact on the numbers.

With a little effort, you may save enough to buy yourself a little human fuel.