Nightmare Vacation

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Prior to last week’s cruise, the Carnival cruise ship "Holiday" spent several months housing Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Carnival officials said they refurbished the ship before sending it out on its first trip with paying customers, but the passengers who returned to port Saturday say even the basic necessities like working toilets weren't available.

A last minute itinerary change, a delayed departure, broken telephones, and cold water was just the tip of the iceberg. Video shows the pool water was not the sparkling blue water seen in brocheurs, but brown.

The pools weren't the only part of the ship with brown water.

"We talked to people that while they were working on the pipes, sewage started spewing up the commodes, up the walls in the cabin, people were in the halls screaming."

While passengers disembarked Saturday, crew members were preparing the ship for another five-day cruise.

Many of these passengers say they wished they'd never taken this cruise.

This is the second cruise ship that had trouble on its first voyage after seeing duty as a home for hurricane evacuees.