Mobile Command Center

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Emergency Operation Centers are the hub of any management disaster. The resources it provides the community are essential to the survival of the area's residents and visitors.

Jackson County is now able to take their Emergency Operation Center on the road.

Equipped with a shower, kitchenette, and a small sleeping area, Jackson County's new mobile command center has a few of the comforts of home, and a lot more.

Rodney Andreasen, Jackson County Emergency Management Director, says, "If we ever lost everything our EOC is operating we can run operations from our mobile command center."

It has the capability to pick up multiple radio frequencies. A satellite phone gives it the ability to communicate with the state, and wireless Internet allows this EOC on wheels to talk to the world.

"The wireless intent will allow us to hook up to 25 laptop computers surrounding the area with a WiFi system 100 feet around the trailer itself. So everybody could bring their vehicles. They can operate out of their cars as long as they had power to operate their laptops."

The emergency management won't be the only resource to benefit from this vehicle. All of Jackson County's first responders will have access it.

"If we ever had drownings. If we ever had forest fires. If we ever had crimes scenes. If we ever had an incident where we had to sit out all night, two or three days. It provides a comfortable operating environment for those that are working in the field. But it also provides a radio net for those individuals to operate."

So don't be surprised if you see Jackson County on the road one day. Under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, this mobile command center can go anywhere in the county to support another operation.

The state Emergency Operation Center in Tallahassee has a mobile emergency ops center that costs about $1 million. Jackson County's mobile EOC has the same communications capability and only cost a little more than $40,000.