FCAT Scores

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Beginning this spring, parents will be able to view their child's reading and math FCAT scores on the Internet. The Web site is provided by a parent network. It allows families access to the child's scores as soon as they are available.

"It has been created to provide access for parents, through a technical network, so that they can get immediate feedback about their students’ scores, as soon as the district and state know it, the parents will know."

By putting the individual FCAT scores online, it's not only making it easier and quicker for parents to access how their kids did on the FCAT, but it's also trying to make the parents a little more involved in the process.

"They're going to have other information on the site as well for parents, an explanation of what the scores mean, that the parent can go through and look at, additional information for parents about the FCAT in general and how they can assist their child in doing better on the test."

Some Bay County parents agree, as long as it's safe and secure.

"I think it's a good idea, if it's a secure site, then I think it's a good idea for the parents to be able to see the scores and not have to wait."

The site provides state of the art security measures to ensure privacy. Parents will receive a letter from their child's school with the login and password information.

To learn more about the FCAT Parent Network, log on to www.fcatparentnetwork.com or www.fldoe.org