Navy Divers Rescue Fisherman

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Seven Navy divers were out at the park early Tuesday morning making their daily run. They were approaching the Jetties around 6:45 a.m. when they heard people screaming for help. The divers dove into action.

St. Andrew's State Park provides beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, and plenty of prime fishing spots. But, as these divers found out Tuesday morning, the rugged rocks of the Jetties can be as dangerous as they are beautiful.

Dive Student, Alexander Jordahl says, "We ran up to the rocks and climbed over them right away, and saw a man bleeding and vomiting."

An elderly man who'd been fishing from the Jetties, apparently fell through the rocks, hitting his head. He was trapped in one of the deep crevices. When people finally noticed him, they began screaming for help.

Luckily the seven Navy divers happened to be running by.

"Basically had to lean his body forward and then slide the backboard down between the rocks and his body, and then we had to use straps to secure him to the board properly," Navy Diver, Mark Cappock, said.

The Navy divers say they feel relieved they were there to help.

"We were just doing what we do, we don't even think about it, we hear someone needs help, and we go help them," Navy Diver, Ted Walker said.

Divers receive a certain amount of first aid and medical training, like CPR certification. They credit that Navy training for their ability to help this man.

They say if anyone wants to train with them, come out to St. Andrews State Park every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 am, for a six-mile run, and other extreme exercises.

Authorities tell us the fisherman is still in the hospital in critical condition Tuesday night with head injuries. We don't know his name but we understand he's in his mid-60's.