New Details in Parker Voyuerism Case

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In late December, several tenants in the Cheri Lane town home complex became suspicious someone was spying on them. They noticed an increase in their electricity bills and wires leading from their apartments to a storage shed out back, a storage shed the landlord, William McDevitt, referred to as a place where he did his "business."

Investigators say that "business" was spying on his tenants with tiny surveillance cameras planted in bathrooms, bedrooms, ceilings, and sheds.

It been more than three months since the case broke, but things have been moving slowly. Part of the reason is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has had to go through hundreds, possibly thousands of pieces of evidence, including photos and video tapes.

The other issue is many of the people in the tapes and pictures can't be identified. Parker police are hoping someone knows can identify two more unsuspecting victims caught on McDevitt's cameras.

"Because we don't have a name to go with these pictures, for the prosecution phase, plus these victims need to know they have been videoed," Parker PD Investigator Aaron Wilson said.

A man, dark haired and wearing khaki shorts with a striped shirt and a black watch, and a woman wearing a long sleeved dark colored collared-shirt; investigators believe they were taped in a travel trailer parked behind McDevitt's Kelly Court home in Callaway.

Right now McDevitt is only facing two misdemeanor counts of video voyeurism.

Investigators are trying to identify as many victims as possible to add to these charges. If you have any information or recognize either of these two individuals, Parker police want to hear from you. You can call them at 871-4100.