UPDATE: Bear Left Tree Overnight

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PANAMA CITY According to Stan Kirkland, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the bear stuck in a tree on Buena Vista Blvd Monday is now gone.

Kirkland says the bear likely came down overnight. The bear avoided the trap set for him by FWC, ignoring the sardines and dog food offered inside it. FWC plans to remove the trap Tuesday morning.

Kirkland says he hopes the bear is headed back across the bay to Tyndall where he likely came from.


For the third time in less than a month, residents in a same Panama City neighborhood have had a visit from a bear. It was the same bear the first 2 times. This time is was a different, small bear.

Residents in the 13-hundred block of Buena Vista Boulevard woke-up Monday morning to a bit of a surprise. A black bear perched in a tree. Residents first spotted the bear roaming around their backyards Sunday night. At some point it climbed the tree.
"It started over here at my neighbor’s yard," said resident Kevin Boyava.

But it didn't end there. As Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers prepared to tranquilize the bear, he decided to move.

"For some reason the bear decided to come down out of the tree and took off and ran about, I’d say about a block,” explained F.W.C’s Public Information Officer Stan Kirkland. “A block and a half to the west.

"Oh, it's exciting, expect for when it started running toward us," said Kellie Brown, resident.

The bear then ran across the street into a back yard.

"He just shot across the yard into my yard and climbed up a big really big pine tree in my back yard," explained Boyaval.

The bear climbed to a height of nearly 65 feet, too high to bring it down with a tranquilizer dart. Officials will now use a trap to get the bear down.

Wildlife officials feel confident the plan will. "We’ve never found a bear skeleton in a tree, he will come down," said Kirkland.

This bear is a juvenile male that weighs about 125 pounds. The bear that showed up twice in about 2 weeks, was a 350 pound male. He's been relocated to the Eglin Air Force Base Reservation.