Gallager Stays in Florida Governor's Race

Behind in the polls and lagging in fundraising, there has been speculation state Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher would switch to the U.S. senate race against Katherine Harris.

But Gallagher is staying put in the governor’s race and he’s taken off the gloves against his primary opponent.

Friday the gloves came off against rival Charlie Crist. Gallagher surrogate John Stemberger painted Crist as a flip flopper who will say what it takes to get elected.

Stemberger, of the group Social Conservatives for Gallagher, charged Crist tells two different stories.

“He tells a priest recently in Pensacola that he would sign the South Dakota abortion ban here in Florida. But then, when he talks to the reporter individually, he changes his tune and amends that.”

Friday’s Tallahassee rally was designed to make sure people know Gallagher is in the race to stay. “I’m Tom Gallagher, and I’m running for governor.”

And Gallagher is making it clear he is staking out the far right of the Republican Party. “What’s so radical about promoting adoption? And what is so radical about believing that a marriage is a union between a man and a woman?”

This isn’t the last time you will see Gallagher staking out the GOP right. A professional film camera captured the highlights for use another day.

The Charlie Crist campaign responded to Friday’s attack by issuing a statement that says: “Tom Gallagher has a long history of running negative campaigns, including attacking Jeb Bush for being pro-life. He is trying to erase a 30 year career as a liberal.”