Guilty Verdict in Panama City Trial

It took a Bay County Circuit Court jury just 25 minutes to find Mikael Forbes guilty for his involvement in the murder of 14-year-old Desmond Ray four years ago.

Forbes was found guilty of being an accessory to first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for his role in the slaying.

Forbes is the only one of the five alleged co-conspirators in the murder of Desmond Ray to actually be found guilty on a murder charge.

In December a local jury acquitted Ray’s shooter, Benjamin McDonalds of murder, instead of finding him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Forbes admitted he and Benjamin McDonald, Darin McLellen, and Brayun Richardson planned to retaliate against Ray after he took a shot at Richardson’s older brother, Erick the night before.

The group says it planned to scare Ray by firing a gun shot at him. They claim they never planned on killing him.

Forbes made the phone call to Benjamin McDonald telling him Ray was sitting in front of the PanaVilla Apartment complex. He told McDonald if he was going to shot Ray to do it then.

There is still one more defendant to be tried. Darin McLellan is scheduled to go on trial in May in Bay County Circuit Court.