Exotic Emu Wanders Into Residential Backyard

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Some visitors showed up unannounced and unwelcomed.

"Well, our new neighbor, I was looking out my kitchen window and my neighbors were looking at something and I looked over and here was an emu!" John Hamstra, one of the neighbors, said.

The six-foot, 200-pound emu wandered into the backyard of a family living in Fountain. No one has any idea where he came from. All they know is they want him to go back.

"He doesn't seem vicious or nothin’, but we're also afraid he may get hit by a car. The highway's right down the road; it would not make for a very nice accident."

The Bay County Animal Control Center does not send officers out during the weekend unless it is an emergency or a severe threat to the public. Apparently the emu does not qualify as a threat.

The Animal Control Center says he will be picked up first thing Monday morning, and taken to a proper location. In the meantime, neighbors are hoping he'll stay in the fenced area, at least for one more night.

If you have any information regarding the animal, you can call John Hamstra at 722-1306.