Local Teen Starts Animal Rescue Center

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YOUNGSTOWN - As school wraps up and summer begins, most kids are only concerned about putting away their textbooks and having fun, but not 13 year old Marisa Milford.

Two months ago, Marisa began the White Oak Animal Rescue, based out of her Youngstown backyard. She works to find animals loving homes.

Marjorie Milford, Marisa's mom said, "Marisa is kind of shy and seeing her go out...when she speaks for the dogs it kind of gives her a little more pride she stands up a little more straighter."

Like a lot of the animals she takes in, Marisa has been through a lot. She continues to battle serious kidney issues, animals helped keep her happy, distracted and pain free though some of the worst times. "She's trying to give back because they have given her a lot," said Milford.

Marisa said, "It's just sad to see all of them end up in animal control, because most like stays have five days hold and then they have five says to get adopted and then they are euthanized." Right now, two feral kittens and two dogs are up for adoption. She said, "I just wish they'd all get good homes."

While Marisa's hope for all her furry friends seems simple enough, a lot goes into finding those forever homes. White Oak Animal Rescue needs basic supplies.

Marissa said, "We need like training things; outlets for their energy and agility things. Toys, beds and treats."

She says her favorite part about her rescuing dogs is, "Seeing them go home, with other people. It is sad to see them go home without you, but for every dog that gets adopted there are thousands waiting to take it's place."