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TALLAHASSEE-- Eleven year old Ray Ann Mosley is the poster child for low THC marijuana legislation. The bill cleared on the final day of the legislative session after constant prodding from Ray Ann’s parents.

“We are just so thankful, and just really looking forward to the day Ray Ann gets to start treatment," Holly Mosley said.

The legislation could help as many as 125 thousand families. But it was signed behind closed doors without fanfare. The reason. Political implications of approving anything to do with pot. We asked Rick Scott if the low THC bill negated the need for a broader medical marijuana vote in November.

“And so I personally will be voting against it, but its a ballot issue and everybody around the state will have the opportunity to vote," Scott said.

Attorney General Pam Bondi is taking the same politically cautious route...keeping kids from suffering is good, but she‘s staying out of the vote on smokable marijuana.

“I just encourage everyone to read the entire amendment," Bondi said.

Medical marijuana vote is not partisan. It has support across the political spectrum. In a tight election, votes matter. Advocates for the November measure are pushing forward.

“We’re grateful for the folks who are getting this. We are thrilled that 90 percent of the House and Senate are saying the same thing we've been saying. And that is this is a great medicine for the people who need it," Jodi James of the Florida Cannabis Action Network said.

The first prescriptions for low THC marijuana can’t be written before January...two months after voters go to the polls.