New Machine Provides Sun and Bug Protection

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BAY COUNTY-- With summer in full swing now there's a simpler way to guard against the harmful rays of the sun. A sunscreen spraying machine is getting a lot of attention in town.

Before heading out on the water kids and adults can protect themselves in a matter of seconds.

"I think it's pretty neat and everybody that uses it thinks it's pretty neat," Marty Taylor of Lagoon Pontoons said.

A new machine called Spray 'N' Play gives you sunscreen and bug spray protection.

"Everybody needs sunblock when you're going out on the beach and you want to encourage that in general," Caleb Ford of Lagoon Pantoons said.

Spray 'N' Play is just $1.50 for 45 seconds of continuous spray that lasts all day.

"Especially this time of the year we have a lot of dog flies and yellow flies so combined with the sunscreen and the insect repellent it's a quick way they can pull up and do all their kids at one time," Marty Taylor of Lagoon Pantoons said.

You can find the product at Lagoon Pantoons and Aqua View Motel. This gives families a quick and easy way to protect themselves and their kids.

"Getting the word out and letting people know what it is...the more people see it the more it will be used," Marty Taylor of Lagoon Pantoons said.

These machines were brought to Bay County about a month ago by Shaun Adams and already they're getting a lot of use. Currently there are two machines, the third one will be arriving on Thursday at the Shrimp Boat on Beck Ave. The Vocational Rehabilitation Center helped Shaun start his business and will continue to guide him as it progresses.