Two Suspects Arrested in Callaway Murder

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Authorities found 22-year-old Woodrow Cherry III just a few minutes before midnight Sunday night. He'd been killed by several gunshots to the head.

It was not difficult for investigators to see how Callaway resident Woodrow Cherry III died. There was a single bullet hole in the his car window. Inside the car were more bullet holes.

Authorities believe the suspected gunman didn't have to work too hard to accomplish the crime. They say he was riding next to Cherry in the front seat.

Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff, said, "Just from the information we've got from witnesses and the suspect, we believe that it was pre-planned and pre-meditated."

Investigators have arrested two men, charging them in Cherry's murder. They say 19-year-old Daryl Black was the triggerman. He's facing an open count of murder.

Eighteen-year-old Eric Baker is charged with being a principle to first degree murder. Investigators say Baker picked up Black after the shooting, drove him away from the scene, then got rid of the gun.

Investigators say Cherry, Black and Baker all knew each other, saying there was some sort of illegal drug and gang activity relationship. They have not released a motive for the killing.

"We hope the case will go to a grand jury. They can be indicted on anything from manslaughter to first degree murder. From all indications, we're looking at we hope this is going to be a first degree murder case."

Investigators say last night's shooting is not related to several other eastside drive-by shooting that have happened in the last several weeks.

This is the first murder investigations for the Bay County Sheriff's Office in 2006. Investigators say one of the suspects called some friends shortly after the shooting, bragging about it.

They say a man named Eric Harris called Cherry's mother and told her that her son had been shot. The mother called deputies just five minutes after the found Woodrow Cherry's body, saying she'd heard her son had been shot.