Tax Day

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Many of us wait until the last minute to do pay our federal income taxes.

Luckily, April 15 fell on a Saturday this year, giving taxpayers an extra two days to get their returns finished. For those struggling with the forms, there's free help at the Post Office on Sherman Avenue.

IRS volunteers are ready and willing to help you file your tax return, and believe it or not, the lines aren't as long as expected.

"It's been constant since we got here, but the crowd is really much smaller than we anticipated. I got here about a quarter of eight and I've been constantly doing one after another, but there's not a big crowd here for some reason."

Even though there aren’t that many people at the Post Office trying to get their taxes done, the people that are here are happy to get some professional help, get them out of the way and get it all done for free.

“It's very convenient. In my busy schedule I hardly find the time to do anything else, and to be able to come here, and to have someone do it for me for free and do a very professional job, is definitely worth it."

Remember, your taxes must be postmarked by midnight Monday, April 17 to avoid a late filing penalty. The volunteers will be at the Sherman Avenue postal facility until midnight.

Of course, you can file for an extension. If you file for an extension and you expect to owe the government money, you must send a check with the extension form.

Langford says filing your taxes through the IRS is the fastest way to get your tax return in your bank account.