Habitat Restore Opens After Flood Damage

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SOUTH WALTON-- Nearly two months ago a flood near South Walton's Habitat for Humanity ReStore center destroyed everything in site.

Donors invested more than $25,000 dollars into the center before the flood. In April, the ReStore center was unrecognizable with more than two feet of water. This flood occurred just days before they were about to open.

But today, residents of South Walton joined together to celebrate the grand opening of their ReStore center.

"Just a few months ago this habitat was flooded, now local business have come back to help open up the store again," Teresa Imdieke, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, said.

She also adds, "When our Habitat for Humanity ReStore closed it prohibited us from raising that money that goes back into the community to build affordable housing."

Imdieke says the center would not be open today without the community. "It took a lot of volunteer time and a lot of businesses that came together to help us repair our building."

Flooding insurance did not cover any of the damage making efforts to repair even more challenging.

"We had to paint the floor by the materials...Do everything twice. While we're doing that we couldn't sell," Dan Smith, President of Walton County's Habitat for Humanity, said.

With no revenue coming in from the store they had to rely on the community for nearly $12,000 dollars in donations.

All revenue from the ReStore center allows habitat to support all of their operations and continue to build homes.