Panama City Mother Testified Before a Florida Senate Committee

The mother of a Broward County Deputy who was run down by a man with a suspended license is appealing to the Florida Legislature.

Tina Lambert of Panama City appeared before the Senate Transportation Committee in Tallahassee Tuesday to support a bill that cracks down on people who continue to drive even after their licenses have been suspended or revoked.

Mrs. Lambert said it was time to get unlicensed drivers off Florida's roads.

“It is a silent problem that no one wants to admit exists. This problem is becoming an epidemic. Unfortunately, I must tell you anyone in this room can become a victim of a driver with a suspended license. Please, let’s hold drivers accountable for their actions and help keep these people off our roads.”

Lambert’s son, Deputy Ray Seguin, was killed after he stopped a man in Broward County who was driving erratically. It turns out he did not have a valid license.

As the deputy was standing in the safety lane, he was hit and killed by another driver who also had a suspended license.

After listening to Lambert’s story, the committee voted unanimously for a bill that allows authorities to impound or immobilize any vehicle driven by someone with a suspended license.