New Baby Dolphin At Gulf World Marine Park

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Gulf World Marine Park has a brand new addition.

One of the park's female rough-toothed dolphins gave birth last week to a male calf.

Doris delivered the baby dolphin around 6:00 last Friday night.

Gulf World staff moved the mom and calf to a separate pool Sunday after the calf had some problems nursing.

The staff will assist in the feeding process and continue to monitor the calf 24 hours a day for the first three to five months.

Dr. Lydia Staggs is a Veterinarian at Gulf World and said "24/7 is quite the schedule. But we have a very dedicated, wonderful staff that is always eager to help out and always eager to take calf watch and baby watch."

After she was asked how friendly the rough-toothed dolphins were, Dr. Staggs added, "The rough-tooth dolphins are a little bit more curious than the bottle-nosed dolphins I would say. They're very playful. They're the ones that will, if you're standing next to their habitats, they'll squirt water at you behind your back and soak you, so, they're a little bit more mischievous but it's a good thing."

Doris has been at Gulf World since she was rescued off Cape San Blas in 2004 when she was stranded after Hurricane Ivan.

The father is Astro, a rough-toothed dolphin rescued in 2005 in Houston, Texas.

Staff members will wait to name the calf until after one month.