6 Arrested After Deadly PCB Shooting

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Bay County Jail Officials are in the process of booking 6 people in connection with a murder Thursday morning in Panama City Beach.

Police arrested 6 young adults Thursday night, a little less than 24 hours after the shooting death of 20 year old Ryan Brooks. The two females and four males are all under the age of 26.

"They either had a part of the murder, knew about the murder or tampered with some of our evidence," said Chief Drew Whitman, Panama City Beach Police Department.

It all began around 1:00 Thursday morning just outside the security gate at the The Club apartment complex on Richard Jackson Blv. Police say Brooks and his friend were in the parking lot when another car, with 2 people inside, pulled-up to next them. Whitman explains, "They arrived in a car. When he got shot he was outside the car approaching the other vehicle, they were standing outside the vehicle at the time."

Brooks was shot several times, and died later at the hospital. His friend hopped into a car and took off. "His friend got into another vehicle started to drive off. That's when the other individual started shooting at the car. After the individual was shot, one of his partners started shooting back at the other vehicle." Several shots hit the car.

A few hours later, the owner called Beach Police, saying she'd driven the car to a convenience store on North Lagoon Drive and wanted to talk to them.

"The owner of the vehicle, when she received it back from the individual driving it, she brought it right back to Panama City Beach. She did not know where the crime occurred," Whitman said.

At 9:00 Thursday morning Panama City Police found about a bag of ammunition in a dumpster at near some Fankford Avenue apartments, and handed it over to Beach Investigators. "The ammo they found in the dumpster is the same caliber of the guns that were used," he said.

Whitman says all of their evidence and witness statements point to a drug-related shooting. He adds, "Drug deal gone bad, we are still working on if its gang related, but drug deal gone bad."

Late Thursday night, Panama City Beach Police announced the arrest of the following suspects:

-Joshua Smith, 22, first degree murder and attempted armed robbery.

-Randy Jackson, 24, first degree murder, attempted armed robbery and felon in possession of a firearm.

-Alyssa Watford, 17, conspiracy to commit armed robbery

-Joseph Cannizzo, 25, attempted armed robbery, tampering with evidence

-Nicole Philbrook, 26, tampering with evidence.

- The sixth man's name has not yet been released.