Hurricane Tax Holiday Approved Again

Floridians will get another "Tax Holiday" to help prepare for the hurricane season, thanks to the Florida Legislature.

People will be able to buy items ranging from flashlights to generators without paying state or local sales tax for 12 days.

It starts May 21 and lasts through June 1, the official first day of the hurricane season.

Legislation supporters hope it will encourage people to stock up on hurricane supplies ahead of time instead of waiting until a storm is bearing down.

Gov. Bush had recommended the tax holiday as part of his campaign to encourage people to get ready for what is predicted to be another intense hurricane season.

Hurricane Tax Holiday:

  • portable self-powered light sources for 20 dollars or less
  • fuel tanks for 25 dollars or less
  • flashlight or car or boat batteries and non-electric coolers for 30 dollars or less
  • cell phone chargers for 40 dollars or less
  • portable radios, tarps or other waterproof sheeting and ground anchors or tie-down kits for $50 or less
  • cell phone batteries for 60 dollars or less
  • carbon monoxide detectors for 75 dollars or less
  • shutters or similar devices for 200 dollars or less
  • portable generators for 1,000 dollars or less