Big Drug Bust in Chipley

A father and his son are in the Washington County Jail in Chipley accused of making and dealing drugs like methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

Chipley police raided the Chipley Motel and arrested the owners and operators, Jayonti Patel and Sagar Patel.

Police called the motel a haven for drug users and dealers, saying even out of state dealers were checking in to the motel to make deals.

Chipley, Police, Washington County sheriff’s deputies and the state attorney’s office have been investigating the case for over three months.

Undercover officers claim they were able to buy bulk-loads of products used to make meth at a nearby convenience store operated by Jayonti Patel. Then they say they were able to trace the meth to the Chipley Motel.

Both men face several felony charges and police say they are going after ownership of the motel property.