Month-long Gas Tax Holiday in Florida Not Likely This Year

Lawmakers pushing for another gas tax holiday in Florida say they’re not giving up.

Senate leaders blocked a vote on the proposal last week, but its supporters plan to keep offering amendments in the hopes of keeping the idea alive.

They want to offer motorists one month off from Florida’s nearly 15-cent a gallon gas tax.

Senator Ron Klein says with gas prices soaring over $3 a gallon, every little bit would help.

“If everyone was sharing the pain equally, the consumer, the oil companies and everyone else, that would be a different story. But that’s not what’s happening. The people who are sharing the pain are the consumers, the residents, the people who come to Florida.”

“The people who are profiting, unnecessarily and unreasonably, are the oil companies, so all we’re trying to do is provide a little relief to the people who live in Florida and our very, very important tourist industry.”

Supporters estimate the cost of a one-month break on the gas tax would be $100 million. They want to use some of Florida’s multi-billion-dollar budget surplus to fill the hole so it wouldn’t come out of state road funds.