Pawn and Gas

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We’re closing in on $3 a gallon throughout the country as the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is now $2.86 a gallon, and rising. With gas prices continuing to climb, many people are getting creative to keep their tanks full.

Terossity Knapp, pawning for gas, says, "Gotta pawn stuff to make it to doctor's appointment for my children. Gas is too high round here. It's too high."

Marianna Gun and Pawn Shop manager Glenn Bassford says it's a common theme. When gas prices go up, so does his inventory of TVs, microwaves, and “bling-bling.”

Glenn Bassford says, "There's people that usually come in here once or twice a week. Nowadays, they come in here maybe two, three times every week."

And it's not just the regulars.

"I've got customers that I've never had before coming in here doing pawns strictly because of the gas.

Customers like Adam Dale, that just want to get to work everyday.

Adam says, "Today I pawned a couple of fishing poles just to get some gas money. Gas prices are outrageous."

Pawn shops aren't the only places that have seen a difference in business since the fuel increase. Gas cans, gas treatment and even lockable gas caps have become popular items at local auto parts stores.

John Searcy with Auto Zone customer service says, "Everybody trying to get more for their money on gas, trying to get more mileage out of their cars."

Drive-offs at gas stations are also increasing with rising gas prices, but clerks at one store are noticing another trend; for what money can't buy, there's Mastercard.

Ron Oliver with Marianna Big Little says, "What we've actually seen is an increase in credit card use, people having to rob Peter to pay Paul. It's become good for the credit card industry."

With the pawn shops, auto parts stores and plastic, folks are doing whatever it takes to keep their gas tanks full.

"No matter what the prices are, we still have to pay."

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