Renderings of New Airport Unveiled

Panama City's new airport may be a couple of years away from completion, but the design of this new International Airport is coming into light.

The new Panama City-Bay County Airport is starting to come to life. Groups designing the new airport displayed artists’ renderings of what people will see as they fly out of Bay County.

The Airport Board is spending roughly $300 million for the new airport. Board members viewed pictures of the entrance to the airport, the parking lot with a canopy walkway, even what the inside will look like.

Of course, there are still certain areas of concern like ventilation and how it handles high winds, but the overall design concept seemed to be accepted by the board.

Bill Cramer, Vice Chairman of the Airport Authority, said the biggest challenge is looking to the future because this is a one-time deal.

"This is the only opportunity we're going to have to build an airport of this size and location and the opportunity to expand and so forth, so this is a cyclical business, as many are, but I think in the long run, building an airport with the funding we have in place right now makes financial sense, and in the long run it's going to be the best thing to do for our community."

The board approved the direction of the design, but was not prepared to approve the budget at this juncture. They hope to do that at their next meeting.

The last structural changes will be made and a final estimate will be brought back to the board on May 23.