Florida Constitution Revised at What Cost?

Efforts are underway at the state Capitol to reverse some of the things voters have been in the state constitution in recent years.

Efforts are also underway to try and make it harder for voters to approve changes to the constitution in the future.

The minimum wage would no longer be in the constitution. Gone too would be three amendments voters approved in 2004 dealing with lawsuits and a patients rights to know about adverse incidents. Pregnant pigs would also be sent out to pasture.

Sponsor David Simmons said the plot isn’t sinister. All of the items would become laws instead of part of the constitution.

“We’re saying that they cannot be further amended unless it takes a two thirds vote which would be exceedingly difficult and we can’t do that for five years.”

“Lawmakers are trying not to pick a fight with some of the more powerful special interests, so they’re leaving the smoking ban and the net ban in the constitution.”

But opponents are still angry, staging a march led by the grim reaper to protest what they label the death of democracy.

Rich Templin represents the Florida AFL-CIO and said, “This is about the people helping other people improve their lives when the legislature refuses to do so.”

Josephine Edwards came from south Florida, mad that lawmakers would even consider tinkering with the higher minimum wage voters approved in 2004.

“Why should we have to continue living poor and get poorer and poorer and can’t send our kids to private school or do this for our children?”

But if lawmakers have their way, voters could see three different amendments changing the constitution and making it harder to change in the future.