Bush on Bense

There is more bad news for Katherine Harris.

Right now she is the lone Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, but that could change soon.

Gov. Jeb Bush has stopped short of saying he is encouraging House Speaker Allan Bense of Panama City to run against Katherine Harris in the GOP primary for the U.S. senate.

But Bush does say Bense would be a great candidate.

“I think the Speaker is, is committed to finishing this session strong. Then he’ll have a chance to look at the race, I’m sure, and I know a lot of people are encouraging him to run.”

“He’s just a great leader and he is an extraordinary person, and I’ll leave it at that. He’s a great leader and an extraordinary person and would be a great Unites States Senator. But that’s up to him.”

Qualifying for federal offices ends in mid May. The House session ends May 5, giving Bense almost two weeks to make a final decision.