Attorney General Urges Panama City Coroner Investigation

The state Medical Examiner’s Commission has launched an investigation into autopsies performed by the Bay County’s coroner.

Dr. Charles Siebert’s ruling that boot camp beating victim Martin Lee Anderson died of Sickle Cell Trait is already under review by an independent investigator.

But now Attorney General Charlie Crist is also asking the commission investigate Siebert for other autopsies that have raised red flags.

Crist’s spokeswoman, Joanne Carrin, says at least three other autopsies done by Siebert had errors, including one where he described a woman as having male organs, a man with significant scarring as having no visible scars, and an accident victim as a suicide victim.

She says the Attorney General made the request of the commission after meeting with Martin Lee Anderson’s parents and talking about their concerns.

“By the point when he met with the parents last week, all of these issues were pointing at the medical examiner and other questionable actions that had taken place with this investigation.”

“He has great confidence in State Attorney Mark Ober, who is the special prosecutor appointed by the governor to investigate the case that involves Martin Lee Anderson as a whole, but he wanted to make sure that the medical examiner’s actions and these other situations were also investigated.”

Crist has not asked the commission to look into whether Siebert properly performed Martin Lee Anderson’s autopsy. Since that investigation is ongoing, Crist was concerned launching an additional investigation could bog it down.