Local Port Security

The Bush administration is beefing up security for hundreds of thousands of workers at U.S. seaports. About 450,000 port workers now must receive background checks to ensure they don't pose terrorist threats.

But Panama City is already one step ahead of the country. Back in the year 2000, one of the major issues concerning Florida seaports was drug trafficking.

Gov. Jeb Bush implemented more lighting, fencing, and required background checks on employees.

Fast forward to today, and the rest of the country is following suit, only this time to protect against terrorist attacks.

Wayne Stubbs is the executive director of Port Panama City. He said, “Florida's a little ahead of the rest of the country, and Panama City is participating with all other ports and so we're in pretty good shape."

Security at the local port has been strengthened for years, but there’s always room for a little more tightening up.