Academic All Stars

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Every year USA Today recognizes the top college students from around the country. For the past three years Chipola students have found themselves on the top of the list. This year, the tradition continues.

Good grades, leadership and community service are what it takes to be an academic all star.

Kimberly Garske said, "I was always someone that wanted to do well. I don't like disappointing others and disappointing myself, so I just strive for the best."

Striving for the best has earned Kimberly Garkse a spot among the country's list of top 20 community college students.

Garkse studies hard, makes good grades and helps those around her to succeed. Besides being a math tutor, Garske coordinated a research seminar in Marianna to raise awareness on something she's very passionate about, Alzheimer's Disease.

"Alzheimer's Disease is not something that's very well known. Even though we are doing research on the subject, it's still a very broad topic that not much is known about."

The project has since expanded, and Garske was recognized for her accomplishments Wednesday. So was Cassie Prichard from Chipley.

Pritchard made Florida's top 40 list of community college academic all stars.
She credits her success to Chipola Vollege.

Cassie said, "The teachers here know you and encourage you and they inspire you to do your best and always get your homework in on time and get good grades."

With one on her way to the University of Florida's pharmacy school and the other to study speech pathology at Mississippi University for Women, both say Chipola College played an important part in their development. It's where they earned the title of Academic All Star.

Chipola College has had a student make the USA Today Academic First Team for five of the last seven years.