School Board Discusses Accident Policy

Would you want to know if your child was involved in a school bus accident even if no one was hurt? That was one of the safety items discussed during this week’s Bay County School Board meeting.

Currently there is no policy laying out what schools should do if their students are involved in a bus accident. Historically, it's been the school’s procedure to notify the family if someone is injured, but nothing says they have to do that.

The policy will likely be changing after school board members expressed interest in coming up with a set policy.

Board member Donna Allen wants parents notified no mater what the outcome of the accident, but the board agreed instead on a policy that says "if a student is injured" the school must notify the guardians of the children on the bus by the end of the next school day.

“I'm happy with policy that notifies parents of children involved in a school bus accident especially if the child is injured. It's a positive step in the right direction to change that policy."

The board also discussed a plan to put automatic external defibrillators in every school over the next three years. They will purchase 12 AEDs for $1,300 each to start with and add on from there.

The plan is to have five people trained on the AED in each school.