Governor Signs the Hurricane Supplies Tax Holiday Bill

Hurricane season is just five weeks away, and state officials want to give you a good reason to get prepared.

Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill into law creating a hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday.

You won’t have to pay sales tax on hurricane supplies this year between May 21 and June first, and 12 days in May of 2007 as well.

The governor says Florida has a crack hurricane response team, but people need to take responsibility for their family’s safety too.

“But if individuals do not take this seriously, if they do not prepare before the storm comes, no amount of relief and recovery will be able to overcome a lack of preparedness."

"It is important for us to create a culture of preparedness and I believe this is an essential element of that strategy and I appreciate the legislature passing this bill quickly.”

Here’s a list of items covered by the sales tax holiday:

- portable generators, $1,000 or less
- flashlights
- portable radios, 2-way radios, weather radios
- tarps
- fuel containers
- coolers
- carbon monoxide detectors
- storm shutters, $200 or less
- cell phone batteries