Computer Lab Donated

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There's no better gift you can give a child than the gift of learning. G-Tech is the same company that's responsible for the technology of the lotto machines. They're also giving children in Malone a chance to learn during regular school hours and on their own time.

Kids love computer games, even when they are learning math, science and social studies.

Bryan Colbert, G-Tech Corp. Account Director, said, “Kids should be exposed to technology, and we try to go into small communities where technology isn't readily available, and provide that technology.”

G-Tech is the same company responsible for the Florida Lottery's online gaming system.
Now they can add to their credentials a $15,000 after-school technology program at Malone school.

It’s the first one G-Tech has set up in Florida and their 99th in the country. The aim is to decrease the digital divide by opening doors for students that may not have access to computers at home.

Linda Hall, Malone School Principal, said, “They've put their own time and effort into bringing this computer lab to our school. They've refurbished the room and updated it and made it a very special place for our students.”

The lab has new carpet, 10 new computers, several new printers and lots of education software. Software included in the grant includes all of the academic areas reading, English, math, science, social studies.

G-Tech representatives say it keeps kids in the learning mode when it’s not necessarily learning hours.

“Statistics show that between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m. are the times when kids are less supervised, and we try to provide opportunities for children to do things with technology and to spend that time doing things for education."

It’s bridging the gap between learning and having fun. G-Tech started its after school advantage program in 1999. Since then they've installed computer centers in 23 states.