Oh, Say Can You See...

The Star Spangled Banner is taking on a new tune, and many people are not happy about it.

The producer of the new Spanish language version of the National Anthem said it’s an ode to the millions of immigrants seeking a better life.

But other people are no so sure. The tune is the same, but the words have been changed, and that has a lot of Americans up in arms.

Ric Childres is against it.

“I am very steamed out it. If our people want to sing the song it should be interpreted word for word.”

The British music producer behind the song said it’s a tribute, translated to broaden the song’s appeal to millions of immigrants who don’t speak English. But in a week since it’s been released the song, which features Reggae artist Wyclef Jean, has been the target of a big backlash.

Joyce Hartung said leave it the way it’s supposed to be.

“I can understand part of it, but to be honest the Star Spangled Banner is the American anthem and it should stay in English, exactly the way it’s written.

Ric Childres said, “For those who have come to our country and become legal citizens, they should adopt our national anthem. If they want to write they own words for it they need to go to their own country, write their own words and sing it.”

One of the strongest endorsements came from President George Bush.

“I think the National Anthem should be sung in English and people who want to become citizens here should learn English.”

Other people are outraged by another Spanish version coming out soon condemning U.S. immigration laws with pro-immigration lyrics.