FSU Panama City Campus Graduation

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Years spent hitting the books, writing papers and studying for tests all came down to this one day as 215 graduates of Panama City's Florida State campus strolled proudly across the stage to accept the one piece of paper they've worked so hard to receive.

George Depuy, Dean of FSU Panama City, said, "I absolutely resonate with the students who are graduating today, and everyone who works in higher education knows how important it is to complete a degree, and be able to advance your career and move on to your next stage of life. It's very exciting for us."

It was an exciting day for everyone who attended. This day not only marks a milestone for the students, but also for the university.

T.K. Wetherell, FSU President, said, "It's our largest graduation in Panama City's history. We're very proud of that, we just finished two graduations in Tallahassee that were the largest on our main campus, so enrollment at FSU is bustling to say the least."

With the development of the new construction program, university authorities said they expect enrollment to almost double within the next couple of years.

Students have a week vacation before summer classes begin. The registration process is still open. You can either go to the campus to register, or log onto www.pc.fsu.edu.