Bay District Third Graders Score High on FCAT

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Bay school district authorities have reason to begin a brag sheet. Third grade students have improved in every category possible on the FCAT.

Patricia Schenck, a curriculum resource teacher, said, "There have been increases in grade three. When you look at any indicator, there's several that we track, but at all of those indicator points, the state is up, the district is up, our schools are up, so we're very happy."

Take a look at past scores to present day: in 2001, the NRT reading and math were both at 63. Compare that to the jump in 2006 to 69 and 74. Also the Sunshine State standards scores in 2001 were reading 304, math 298. Today they're up to 328 and 332.

On a state level, NRT scores were at 49 reading, 56 math in 2001. Those numbers have also climbed to 61 and 67. Also on a state level, the SSS went from 289 and 291 to 313 and 324.

Authorities say the increases can be attributed to teachers as well as students.

"The kids do a better job each year of focusing on what they're doing in different areas of the classroom. So when you see those improvements, it is a testament not only to what the teachers are doing to improve their practice, but also to the students themselves."

Bay district's reading percentages are also 10 percent higher than that state average, and six percent higher in math.