Navy Base Package Draws Concern

As you can imagine, U.S. military installations take security quite seriously. So when a suspicious package showed up at the Naval Support Activity on Panama City Beach, base security sprang into action.

Workers discovered the package outside of a health clinic. It was lying on the ground between some parked cars.

Security shut-down the base, evacuated about 50-people from the base clinic and the VA clinic nearby, then called-in the Navy's Explosive Ordnance Team.

Steven Applegate is the Navy base Public Affairs Officer. "We closed off the entrance and exit to the base for about one hour until we had the opportunity to call in the explosive ordinance team to inspect it to make sure it was safe.

The team used a robot to lift the package, and then deployed an X ray machine to scan the inside of the box.

It turns out the box contained office supplies, delivered to the wrong building.