Local Church Responds to Da Vinci Code

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Dozens of people gathered at St. Dominic's Catholic Church to hear Monsignor Michael Reed reveal facts and history behind Dan Brown's controversial novel.

Many who had read the book, and even those who haven't, listened attentively to what he called the truths and the un-truths behind the story.

When the movie opens May 9, Monsignor Reed says he does not want people to confuse fiction for fact. He points out that Dan Brown has sold millions of copies for a good reason, because of the sensationalized plot.

The plot is based on the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdeline were married, had a child, and that the bloodline survives to this day.

Reed used a PowerPoint presentation to pinpoint parts of the book that did not match up to the bible or to historical facts.

Many people found this presentation interesting, and came for a re-affirmation of their religion.

Some Catholic churches around the world are calling for a boycott of the book and the movie. Others say it opens their mind and forces people to challenge their religion, which could make their faith even stronger.