eMagic Store Buys and Sells in Bay County

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If one man's trash is another man’s treasure, then you might say Rich Mercado is a junk man and a treasure hunter. He can take your trash, sell it to someone else, and make money for both you and himself.

Rich sells the items through a Web site called "E-Magic." simply dust off those items taking up garage space and call Mercado. He'll come pick up the items at your home, research them, and then price them on eBay. All you have to do is come pick up your check.

Mercado gets a 35 percent cut off everything he sells. But E-Magic users say it's worth it to not worry about the hassle. And who knows what you can get rid of.

Tom Najjar had a bunch of old lapel pins that were collecting dust for 20 years. Rich sold the pins and Najjar made $1500!

So, before you throw it out, call Rich. He may be able to use his E-Magic to turn your junk into crisp dollar bills.

You can call Rich Mercado 215-1420, or log onto www.emagicseller.com.