Firefighter Reacts

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Richard Callahan is turning to legal counsel to finish what he calls unfinished business.

Today Callahan’s attorney called for the county to reopen the investigation that they say ended too soon for comfort.

That didn't sit well with at least one of Callahan’s former co-workers, who lost his job.

The county began investigating the Southport station in January, after Callahan complained about someone writing a racist phrase on the back of his personal vehicle.

The phrase contained the "N" word.

As a result, the county dismissed two volunteer and three career firefighters for racist comments, giving a racist nickname to a black firefighter and violating the county's smoking policies.

But Callahan’s attorney, Cecile Scoon says what happened at the fire station could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Henry Miller is one of the five who lost their jobs,

He says Callahan fabricated the incidents out of spite and has no objections to further investigation.