Bay Schools May Opt Out of Delayed School Start Time

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How do three extra weeks of summer vacation sound? To students and parents, it probably sounds like, well, a vacation.

As it stands now, Bay district schools will be starting on August 2. If implemented this year, the new law would delay school openings until August 21.

But bay school officials have the option of waiting until next year to implement the change, and they plan to do just that.

Students aren't the only ones wanting the longer summer. Parents say it gives more family and vacation time.

School will get out at about the same time as usual. Once the new schedule is effect in 07-08, officials plan to take away breaks throughout the year in order to not tap into the summer months.

Again, it is up to each individual school board on whether to implement the change for this coming school year. But starting in 2007-2008, the change will become mandatory.