Local Murderer Sent Back to Prison

A local man accused of killing his wife then dumping her body in their front yard will not be getting a new trial, at least not for now.

David Sheffield shot his wife Donna in front of their children, and left her in the yard of their St. Andrew home wrapped in a blanket.

In fact, some of the most dramatic testimony in Sheffield’s trial came from his son describing the killing.

Jurors took just six hours to convict him of second-degree murder, saying they couldn’t be certain he premeditated the killing.

Circuit Judge DeDee Costello sentenced him to life in prison with parole, partly because Sheffield slashed another woman’s throat in 1986, but was released from prison early.

He was back in court this week for an evidentiary hearing, hoping to gain a new trial, but Judge Costello denied the request and sent him back to prison to continue serving his life sentence.