Gas Prices Begin to Fall in Bay County

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It's a royal pain at the pump; drivers are still dishing out dollars to get from point A to point B.

Even though the latest decline brought crude down to about $6 below the height touched weeks ago, prices are still up about 15 percent since the beginning of last year.

But they are down from even days ago with most gas stations around town average at $2.77. Authorities say they can't predict if these prices will remain because of the many factors that go into the pricing.

Reid Lewis, VP of Express Lane, said, "Whether it's oil consumption and supply, or Iran or Iraq or Nigeria or Venezuela, it's just all these factors that make them afraid or at ease with what the supply and demand situation is, and that determines what price it's going to be sold to me."

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill demanding more fuel efficient government cars and trucks. They say they would cut dependence on foreign oil nearly 25 percent by the year 2025.

The proposal also calls for more funding for alternative fuel stations, and incentives to car makers to use existing plants to build more fuel efficient cars.

This bill may be a way to combat the skepticism many drivers feel, even with the price drop.

Pete Edwards, a Bay County resident, said, "Well, it hasn't dropped very much. They just suckin us in again; they greedy, they goin' to go right back up."

Only time will tell. The good news is authorities say they learned some lessons about fuel shortages during last year's hurricane season. They predict there will be a better fuel supply during this year.