80-90 MPH Winds, Hail, Rain Pelt Panama City Area

The severe weather that moved through while you slept Monday night has left its mark on Bay County.

Crews are working in many areas to repair downed power lines, clean up fallen trees and remove scattered debris from the roadways.

Roofs were damaged, awnings torn down, signs blown over; power, telephone, cable lines were torn down by the windblown debris

Three planes at the Panama City-Bay County International Airport were overturned. ASA cancelled two of its flights to the local airport Tuesday morning and two others were delayed.

Some streets were blocked when trees were blown over.

A railroad box car was blown over at the Smurfit Stone Paper Mill.

The Cove section of town, along with Millville and Parker, were hard hit. Those areas are home to large old trees and were susceptible to the strong wings.

The straight line winds brought marble sized hail and about two and a half inches of rain just after midnight.

Gulf Power reports at least 7,000 customers were without power at the height of the storm. Some service had been restored by sunrise and crews were still working on the remainder.

The National Weather Service had a team of meteoroligists survey the damage Tuesday. They say it was straight line winds and no tornado activity that caused the problem. The weather team estimated winds at 80-90 MPH.